Virginia began to suffer from progressive back pain after giving birth to her fourth son. As the pain worsened, she received physical therapy and chiropractic care in hopes of improving her symptoms. However, these conservative treatments failed to provide relief as Virginia’s physical and mental well-being declined. 

Choosing The TOPS™ System for Virginia’s Back Pain

The surgeon, Dr. Coric, presented Virginia with two options: the TOPS™ System or spinal fusion. Having already conducted detailed research, Virginia feared that fusion would hold her back from dancing, playing golf, walking, and moving freely. When she saw the TOPS™ device, Virginia knew that it would provide the mobility she wanted. 

Returning to Dancing with The TOPS™ System

After returning home from the hospital after the TOPS™ procedure, Virginia had no pain. She gradually regained the ability to move, dance, and pick up her grandchildren. Virginia now feels like she did in her thirties before the chronic back pain began compromising her quality of life. She enjoys walking for miles, playing with her grandchildren, spending quality time with her husband, and, of course, dancing! The TOPS™ System is a one-of-a-kind spinal fusion alternative, providing lasting pain relief and restored mobility for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis.