Ron is a Tennessean through and through. He has always loved to lead an active lifestyle with many hobbies, including golf and woodworking. But, as his back pain progressed after retirement, Ron struggled to stand or walk, gradually losing sensation in his legs. Lower back pain and neurological symptoms continued to compromise Ron’s quality of life. When conservative therapies failed, he decided that it was time to consider surgery. While seeking a solution to his chronic spinal issues, Ron discovered the TOPS™ System from Premia Spine. He was intrigued by its unique ability to restore stability while preserving the natural motion of the spine. With his hesitation about the possibility of adjacent segment degeneration with spinal fusion, Ron opted to undergo the TOPS™ procedure. 

Regaining an Active Lifestyle with TOPS™

A few hours after the procedure, Ron was overjoyed to walk around the halls of the hospital without pain or numbness in his legs. The remarkable improvement continued throughout his recovery – in Ron’s own words, it felt like “a miracle.” Ron is now back to swinging golf clubs, working in the woodshop, and enjoying an active lifestyle thanks to the TOPS™ System.