ProMIS™ System and Its Benefits

Premia Spine focuses solely on producing new and innovative products for the spine. Many of them involve specialty surgical techniques to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient care.

Currently, Premia Spine engages surgeons in very deep discussions to find out what’s best for patients. With all of that effort and research, the Premia Spine ProMIS™ Fixation System is available. This is a state-of-the-art lumbar fusion system that’s much better and less invasive than traditional spine fusion surgery.

The Premia Spine ProMIS™ System uses sterile implants and a small instrument set to offer a wide range of surgical techniques to doctors. This allows surgeons to treat spine patients efficiently and effectively.

We know that patients, operating room staff, and surgeons can benefit from this system because it’s effective, easy to use, and versatile. With so much value available, you can improve the quality of care for patients and staff, reduce hospital costs, and much more.

What It Is

The Premia Spine ProMIS™ System offers a more accurate and faster screw replacement feature. Plus, there’s less exposure from x-rays to your patients and staff. On top of that, you can see fewer sterilization costs, which can lower overhead and transfer those savings to the patient.

This minimally invasive surgery is the most advanced in the world. In fact, it’s a lumbar fusion system that’s much better than traditional spinal fusion. No other MIS systems can provide so much in a smaller instrument set.

The Benefits

With the Premia Spine ProMIS™ System, you get:

  • A smaller instrument set that reduces sterilization costs
  • Reductions in hospital costs
  • Faster response times
  • Reductions in infection rates because the implants are sterile and factory-packed
  • Less x-ray exposure to the patients, operating staff, and surgeons
  • Faster and more accurate spinal fusion procedures
  • To save time operating on patients so that they can start recovering sooner

Let’s take a deeper look into the advantages of the Premia Spine ProMIS™ System.

This is a novel lumbar fusion system that offers minimally invasive surgery and other open spine procedures. Surgeons can treat more advanced spine diseases in the lumbar region.

You’re actually providing peace of mind to everyone because there’s less of a risk of being exposed to dangerous radiation.

On top of that, you don’t have to sterilize the implants because they come pre-packaged. For many hospitals, this can cut costs by $200 to $400 per procedure. Since they’re already packaged from a sterile facility, there’s virtually no risk of any cross-contamination. Feel more confident that you’re not hurting patients while trying to reduce their pain.

There are also fewer infection risks, so you may not have to operate again. Patients love this idea because that’s the number-one reason they don’t want to have surgery!

The surface-treated screws reduce pullout and torsion forces, so they’re not as likely to loosen. With that, bone growth is highly promoted, which reduces future surgeries to revise the procedure.

You also receive pre-bent and sterile rods to create more time efficiency during operation. Since they’re already in the right shape, you can get right to work. Plus, they’re already sterilized, so you still have the benefits of not having to do this yourself.

Surgeons who use the Premia Spine ProMIS™ System have multiple screw placement techniques available from one instrument set. This means you can do the traditional Jamshidi technique, Tap-Shidi approach, Innovative K-wireless technique, and the direct skin-to-screw placement. That depends on the patient and goal of the surgery, but it’s a great way to get more from one product!

Overall, you can cut down on unnecessary steps during operation. The surgical techniques are simplified, you spend less time in surgery to save up to $1,500 per procedure, and it boosts robotic systems being used for surgery. While some facilities don’t offer this yet, it’s possible to envision a future time where it is possible. This helps you go above and beyond and try new ideas to help patients even more!

Why Patients Don’t Want Spinal Fusion

Typically, surgeons claim that the benefits of spinal fusion surgery outweigh the risks and downfalls. This is true, but some patients dislike the fact that they may never move in the same ways again. Often, this is their one reason for not having the surgery, and this can be detrimental to their health and cause even more problems.

With the Premia Spine ProMIS™ Lumbar Fusion System, you can use various techniques to get the job done. On top of that, things are a bit different. The patient still ensures that the bones stay together, but there are smaller incisions and less pain after the surgery.

Generally, minimally invasive surgery ensures a faster recovery, reduces harm to other tissues and muscles, and ensures that the patient has less pain afterward.

The Premia Spine ProMIS™ System is a breakthrough discovery. Consider using it for all of your spinal surgery needs. Please contact us for further details or to learn how to order these pre-packaged products for your hospital