Sarah Garbarino is a dedicated mother of three and a middle school counselor with an active lifestyle. But, when pain down the back of her left glute and leg began to worsen despite at-home care, Sarah was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Overwhelmed by the diagnosis, she knew that she wasn’t yet ready for surgery, instead undergoing twice-weekly physical therapy for two years. 

Sarah’s Introduction to The TOPS™ System

Though PT improved Sarah’s symptoms, she continued to experience pain that compromised her ability to walk, stand, and even sleep at night. Her physician introduced her to the TOPS™ System, and Sarah quickly realized it was the solution she wanted. She recognized that the device would provide her with the greatest flexibility in the long term. 

Sarah’s Rapid Recovery

On the day that Sarah woke up from the TOPS™ procedure, Sarah was able to walk into the hospital with absolutely no leg pain. While she used the walker at home for the first several days after the surgery to ensure her stability, Sarah was soon moving around the first floor of her home, pain-free.  Sarah has now regained her role as an active mom. She’s thrilled that she no longer has to sit on the sidelines for fear of being in pain, instead partaking in camping, hiking, and other activities with her family.