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    Premia Spine USA

    98 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851

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    Premia Spine Israel

    P.O. Box 8630 7 Giborey Israel Street Netanya, Israel 4250407

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    Premia Spine Germany GmbH

    Terminalstr. 18 Mitte, 85356 München

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    Premia Spine UK

    Enterprise House, 5 Roundwood Lane Harpenden, Herts AL5 3BW

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      With so many interesting things going on for spinal surgery, it’s important to stay in the loop. Many people want to know more about the various products, procedures, and innovative tools available.

      If you want to understand Premia Spine implants, we have many sources of information available on our website. Now is the time to browse the site and learn about TOPS, Nexus, and other tools available.
      We also make it easy to find a doctor and learn about news on implants and other spine discoveries.

      However, we understand that you may not get the answers you seek from the resources we offer. If this is the case, please use our Premia Spine contact details to get more information, ask questions, and request updates on when these implants and tools should be available in your country and area.

      Phone Number – Germany Location: +49 (0)175-5675 147

      Premia Spine Locations

      Premia Spine is available in various locations right now. Offices are in:

      Germany Address

      Terminalstr. 18 Mitte, 85356 München

      Israel Address

      P.O. Box 8630
      7 Giborey Israel Street Netanya, Israel 4250407

      UK Address

      Enterprise House 5 Roundwood Lane
      Harpenden, Herts AL5 3BW

      However, the best way to contact us is through the online form. You can enter your name, phone number, email address, and any comments and questions you have. Please keep it concise but provide enough information for us to answer your request.

      Live chat is available during regular business hours. The button is at the lower part of the screen. Please include your name and email address when you write a message, and someone should get back to you promptly. German visitors can go directly to the German Premia Spine website to find information in their native language. If that isn’t suitable, and you can’t find the information you need, please call or use our online form. We ask that you fill in as much as you can so that we can better serve you. However, we only require your first name, email address, and answers to particular questions.

      These include things like whether or not you’ve been diagnosed with a spinal condition and where you heard about us.

      Why Contact Premia Spine?

      We want you to get in touch with us about anything to hear from you. Whether you’ve got ideas for improving the website, new innovations for products, or have a question, we are here to serve you.

      Our innovative products are slowly making the world a better place and offering patients different ways to handle their spinal conditions. We look forward to anything you have to say and are always happy when our customers want to find out more. In fact, you might be doing preliminary research right now about the TOPS or Nexus Systems.

      With Premia Spine, our door is always open. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, voice concerns, and general wonderments about the technology and advancements we’re making for spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis diagnoses. If surgery is in your future, now is the time to take action, find out what you can, and demand better procedures.