Margaret is a mother, grandmother, and outdoor enthusiast. She loves to spend time with her grandchildren while hunting, fishing, and exploring the woods where she lives. But, chronic leg pain plagued her for years.  Epidurals and pain medications helped relieve Margaret’s symptoms to a degree but didn’t serve as a lasting solution. She even experienced pain while sitting and watching TV or trying to fall asleep. With diminishing mobility and persistent pain, Margaret sought out an effective treatment. 

Discovering The TOPS™ System for Chronic Leg Pain

As she learned about the TOPS™ System, Margaret saw it as the perfect solution. As a mobile device, it would allow her to maintain her mobility without the restrictions of spinal fusion. Margaret could stand up and move around the day after the TOPS™ procedure. In the physical therapy room, she could walk up and down the steps and didn’t require a back brace. Though she returned home with a walker, she didn’t need it to move around her home comfortably. The success of Margaret’s procedure was apparent almost immediately when she could go out shopping comfortably a week after the surgery. She gradually became more active and returned to work within just six weeks. Now, Margaret walks or jogs on a treadmill daily and enjoys an active, pain-free lifestyle.