The Most Advanced MIS Lumbar Fusion System

ProMIS System is for use in the United States. European users should refer to Versalink for all Premia Spine fusion products.

Premia Spine is offering surgeons, their hospitals and all patients the most advanced minimally invasive lumbar fusion system. No other MIS System offers so much in a compact instrument set.

  • Saves operating room time with faster and accurate spinal fusion procedure
  • Reduces x-ray exposure to surgeons, operating room staff and patients
  • Saves hospital costs, speeds response time, and reduces infection rates with sterile factory-packed implants
  • Comes in a small instrument set to reduce sterilization costs

Premia Spine is focused on introducing novel spine products and surgical techniques to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.

Premia has engaged surgeons in deep discussions to bring you the ProMIS™ Fixation System—the state-of-the-art fusion system in the market.

Our sterile implants and small instrument set provide a range of surgical techniques to treat each spine patient optimally. We know that surgeons, operating room staff, and patients will benefit from the versatility, ease-of-use, and effectiveness of the ProMIS™ System.

Our value proposition is simple: to improve the quality of care for your patients and staff while reducing costs to your hospital.

  • Faster and accurate screw placement
  • Reduced x-ray exposure to your staff and patients
  • Decreased sterilization costs

Summary of Benefits

The ProMIS™ Fixation System is a novel lumbar spine fusion system for minimally invasive and open spine procedures. With ProMIS, surgeons and staff can treat a wide range of advanced lumbar spine diseases. Key benefits of ProMIS include:

Reduced X-ray Exposure to Surgeons, Hospital Staff, and Patients

  • Provides peace-of-mind that you are taking care of your staff and customers (Priceless)

Sterile, Packaged Pedicle Screws

  • Saves cost of sterile processing ($200 – $400 per procedure)
  • Increases supply chain efficiencies with easy EMR implant tracking
  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination
  • Minimizes infection, reducing risk of reoperation

Surface Treated Pedicle Screws

  • Demonstrates significant resistance to pullout and torsion forces to reduce screw loosening
  • Promotes bone ingrowth to reduce revision surgeries

Pre-bent, Sterile Rods

  • Creates intraoperative time efficiency
  • Saves cost of sterile processing ($200 – $400 per procedure)

Multiple Screw Placement Techniques in one instrument set

  • Direct One-Step Skin-to-Screw placement
  • Innovative k-wireless (dilator) technique
  • Tap-Shidi approach
  • Traditional Jamshidi technique with reusable instrumentation

Cut Unnecessary Operative Steps

  • Simplifies the surgical technique
  • Shortens surgery time (saves $300 – $1,500 per procedure)
  • Eliminates additional operating room capital for screw placement
  • Enhances surgical navigation and robotic systems

Ergonomically Designed Instruments

  • Minimizes trays on the back table (saves $200 – $400 per procedure)
  • Increases ease of use for surgical technicians

Potential Risks

There is always potential risk in having surgery or getting a medical device implanted. Usually these risks are rare. You should refer to the ProMIS Fixation System Patient Labeling for a list of all potential risks and hazards. For patients receiving the ProMIS Fixation System, the biggest risk is continued pain. Other risks include wound healing problems (such as infection or drainage), brief numbness or tingling in your arms or legs, and spinous process fractures. Some patients had illnesses or diseases not related to their surgery, like problems with their ProMIS Fixation System may not help relieve pain in some patients, and you may need another surgery to remove the device. It is hard to predict who will not benefit from this surgery. Although uncommon, the system could be removed if necessary.