Having had multiple accidents and injuries throughout his life, David knew he faced the risk of pain. He coached football for 10 years and remained active with deep woods, camping, fishing, and kayaking. But, when debilitating spinal pain set in, David could no longer lead the vibrant lifestyle he loved. 

Finding an Alternative to Lumbar Fusion

One morning, David began researching lumbar fusion alternatives and discovered the TOPS™ System. Intrigued, David reached out to Premia Spine and received information about the FDA clinical trial. Luckily, one of the 28 surgeons in the U.S. performing the TOPS™ surgery at that time, Dr. Roland Kent, practiced in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where David lives.

Recovering From Spondylolisthesis with TOPS™

Dr. Kent determined that David was a good candidate for motion preservation with TOPS™, and he gladly underwent the procedure. 15 days post-op, he walked nearly two miles without the pain and neuropathy that had affected him for years. With a rapid return to function and his favorite activities, David has regained his lease on life. David is one of many patients who are thrilled to no longer be limited by spondylolisthesis symptoms thanks to the TOPS™ System.