Juliene Lancto is a dedicated mother and grandmother. Not only does she work full-time, but she also loves to play with her eight grandchildren. When numbness in her left leg spread to her right leg, feet, and ankles, Juliene lost virtually all mobility. The debilitating leg pain kept her from her normal activities, from lifting her grandchildren to walking across the house. 

Discovering the TOPS™ System

After her MRI, Juliene initially dismissed the notion of undergoing back surgery. However, she soon realized that the TOPS™ System was the only solution to return to work and regain her quality of life. After watching videos of patients who had received the TOPS™ System and achieved relief from symptoms similar to hers, Juliene was hopeful that the treatment could work for her. Reviewing the data available from the FDA further encouraged Juliene and led her to pursue the TOPS™ procedure. 

Juliene’s Return to a Pain-Free Lifestyle

On the same day as the surgery, Juliene walked down the hospital hall and back without any of the debilitating leg pain that had persisted for years. Six weeks post-op, she returned to work and all of her normal activities, entirely free of pain and complications. 

Juliene’s story is one of numerous patients who have achieved lasting relief from chronic spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis pain with the TOPS™ System.