Rick first experienced minor back pain in 1983 during his military service. Nonetheless, he resiliently worked through the pain, only to have it progressively worsen. When he reached retirement, his pain became more pronounced, and he sought treatment. 

Increasing Spinal Pain and Discomfort

Physical therapy was Rick’s first line of defense, and he eventually attended three appointments per week. Though it worked for some time, it eventually failed to provide lasting back pain relief. Rick’s pain gradually worsened, and he was left with extremely limited function in his left leg.  Rick conducted extensive research on spinal fusion. However, he was concerned about restricted movement and increased pressure on adjacent vertebrae from the procedure. So, when Rick found the TOPS™ System, he decided to take the leap with this fusion alternative. 

Restored Mobility with TOPS™

The morning after the TOPS™ procedure, Rick could walk down the hospital hallway without pain or neurological symptoms. He was continually amazed by his own recovery as his strength and mobility returned. Three months after receiving the TOPS™ System, Rick is pain-free. The remarkable recovery has paved the way for him to return to his favorite activities, including fishing and spending time with loved ones.