Marianne has been working as a registered dietician for over 23 years. After starting a new fitness routine, she struggled to stay on the treadmill as long as she once could due to persistent back pain. Frustrated, Marianne headed to the spine institute for help. The specialists prescribed medications, physical therapy, and spinal injections to no avail. Marianne’s quality of life greatly suffered as a result of her chronic spinal pain and side effects from the medications.   

Choosing The TOPS™ System for Chronic Back Pain

After a year and a half of chronic pain and declining mental health despite the conservative treatments, Marianne decided that it was time for surgery. She discovered the TOPS™ System as a flexible, mobile option that could preserve the natural motion of the spine. A few weeks after undergoing the TOPS™ procedure, Marianne could walk around the track without pain. She soon returned to the gym, where she could complete her workout without back pain slowing her down. Marianne regained her active lifestyle and quality of life with the TOPS™ System. She’s thrilled to be an active grandma, and she no longer has to worry about the adverse effects of pain medications. Like many other patients, Marianne describes the TOPS™ System as a “life-changer”.