Jill is a wife, mother, and business owner with a busy lifestyle. Her family owns horses and enjoys many activities, from horseback riding and camping to playing sports. But, when Jill experienced severe back pain that worsened from year to year, along with shooting pain down her leg, her quality of life plummeted.  Physicians prescribed medication, physical therapy, and injections to treat Jill’s back pain. These treatments failed to provide lasting relief, and the PT even exacerbated Jill’s condition. 

Preserving Spinal Motion with TOPS™

When Jill was introduced to the TOPS™ System, she recognized its ability to preserve spinal movement, unlike a conventional spinal fusion. It was the solution she had hoped for to finally overcome chronic pain. Upon waking up from the TOPS™ procedure, Jill’s leg and back pain was completely gone. She was shocked and overjoyed at the speed and success of her recovery. On the day of the surgery, she could stand without tears streaming down her face – an emotional triumph over her pain. Jill has since returned to work, riding horses and tending to the farm without any of the back pain that previously plagued her. With the ability to move her body freely, Jill feels 20 years younger and full of life.