As an architect and lifetime New Yorker, Bonnie was used to the city’s physically demanding lifestyle. She frequently climbed subway stairs, walked to locations around the city, and even carried heavy granite samples. But, when Bonnie experienced leg numbness that rapidly progressed, she struggled to walk short distances without resting. 

Bonnie’s Spondylolisthesis Diagnosis

An MRI revealed that Bonnie had spondylolisthesis affecting the L4-L5 spinal segment. Though common, this condition is highly debilitating and dramatically compromises Bonnie’s quality of life. She consulted multiple surgeons, but they all suggested spinal fusion. Wary of the risks of the fusion procedure, Bonnie instead attempted conservative treatments, like acupuncture and dietary changes, for as long as possible. But, the numbness turned into radiating leg pain, and she realized that surgery was unavoidable. 

Bonnie’s “Extraordinary” Recovery

When Bonnie discovered the TOPS™ System and its ability to preserve spinal motion, she knew it was the solution she had been seeking. After the procedure, she was shocked at her ability to walk without radiating pain on the first day. A few days later, Bonnie climbed stairs comfortably without any leg pain. Her progress continued rapidly, and Bonnie now leads an active city lifestyle without limitations.