Keith is an avid golfer who proudly experienced no back pain through much of his adult life. So, he was surprised to eventually face crippling back pain that continued to worsen despite frequent appointments with chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. When Keith struggled to walk and could no longer participate in his normal activities, he started to research a lasting solution. Physicians suggested spinal fusion for Keith’s symptoms but couldn’t promise that he’d experience any pain relief. When Keith discovered the TOPS™ System, he was confident in its ability to restore his quality of life. Keith was impressed by the device’s mobility and function without fusing the vertebrae. 

Returning to Life as Usual with TOPS™

Keith could walk into the hospital soon after waking up from the TOPS™ procedure. Though he felt some pain from the incision, he was thrilled that his chronic back pain was gone. Keith slowly returned to his normal activities and began working again within just two weeks.  At his six-week post-op appointment, Keith was cleared to return to life as usual. He now frequents the golf course, plays with his grandchildren, and enjoys a full, active life. In his own words, “TOPS™ gave me back my life.”