How Soon Can I Get Out of Bed After Spinal Fusion Surgery?

How Soon Can I Get Out of Bed After Spinal Fusion Surgery?

In recent blogs we’ve addressed preparations for back surgery – specifically surgery for spinal stenosis, and spinal fusion operations. Yet the recovery process is just as important as the back surgery itself to your long-term health, so it’s important prepare for postoperative routines and realities well before the surgery is performed.

Among the first questions patients often ask about the spinal fusion back surgery recovery process is how soon they will be able to get out of bed following the operation. Patients typically get out of bed the day after their surgery – with the help of attendants, who will assist you in sitting up, getting your legs over the side of the bed, standing up and walking. You’ll be glad you spent time getting in shape before your operation. The preparation pays off at times like this, as being in good health will help throughout your healing and recovery, as the body responds to the trauma of surgery and works to repair itself.

Movement is indeed critical to proper healing, and since you’ll spend a good deal of time in bed in the first days after the spinal fusion operation, its important to learn how to move correctly in bed. You’ll be shown the best way to turn over, sit up, and move in ways that will promote proper healing, strengthen muscles and minimize pain.

Your caregivers will have plenty of useful tips for helping ensure a smooth, steady recovery from spinal fusion. For example, using slip on shoes, eliminating the need to bend over and tie laces; having pajamas with button tops, so you don’t have to lift arms and pull the PJs over your head; and drinking liquids from a squeeze bottle so there’s no need to bend the neck as when drinking from a cup, are among simple tips that will help you recover more quickly and with less discomfort.

Today many candidates for spinal fusion surgery can opt for the TOPSTM (Total Posterior Solution) System instead. The TOPS implant has been shown to have better clinical outcomes and fewer post-surgical complications than spinal fusion. And unlike spine fusion procedures, the TOPS device preserves the full range of each vertebra’s motion. Patients concerned about how soon they can get out of bed following spine fusion back surgery should make sure they’re familiar with all their surgical options, as the choices they make can also affect their recovery.