TOPS™ System has received the prestigious FDA Breakthrough Designation

TOPS™ solves your lower back and leg pain without fusion

Regain natural motion of your spine

  • Freedom from fusion
  • Protect your adjacent levels
  • Keep moving

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    The Premia Spine Breakthrough Implants

    In 2003, a small group of engineers and surgeons teamed up to try and improve spine surgery options. The group all questioned the fact that patients can get knee and hip replacements, but they couldn’t replace a back. Instead of having to use fusion surgery all the time, could it be possible to use a motion solution instead?

    This question became the compass we use today.

    Though it took over 15 years to do, we are so proud of our latest achievement. We’ve created a true joint replacement system for spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis. It’s called the TOPS™ Lumbar Motion Device, and it might be what you need to fix your back problems without fusion surgery!

    Why Consider TOPS™

    There are many TOPS™ System advantages. Most patients can now avoid fusion surgery altogether. With this unique feature, you can feel better, reduce the risks associated with surgical procedures like fusion, and get back to your daily routine faster!

    When you use the TOPS™ Lumbar Motion Device, you can achieve normal movement for axial rotation, lateral bending, extension, and flexion. These are all things you have to do during your day, and now you can!

    On top of that, the procedure can stabilize your posterior spine to reestablish a more controlled range of movement. These two benefits go hand-in-hand.

    You must be able to move, but you also have to control it so that it works for you!

    Other TOPS™ System advantages include better spine stabilization without it being fixed, while also reducing the pain you feel. This means that patients can have their confidence back and do normal activities.

    You’re not worried about the pain or the risks of surgery because it’s easier and safer for the body.

    Clinical studies have shown that this system alleviates persistent low back and leg pain for those with moderate/severe spinal stenosis, even if spondylolisthesis is present.

    What to Do Now

    You’re likely here because you’re searching for alternatives to fusion surgery. With so many TOPS™ System advantages, you know that this can change your life and the way you deal with your health issues.

    The TOPS™ Lumbar Motion Device is a great tool and can reduce pain, stabilize the spine, and help you live a normal life again!

    Now that you know why you should consider this system, it’s time to locate a doctor who can help you. Premia Spine can help you find a physician who uses the TOPS™ Lumbar Motion Device. Otherwise, you can contact your doctor right now to determine if they use this tool and schedule an appointment.

    Our goal is to make it easier for people to live with spondylolisthesis and other spinal conditions. This breakthrough technology is taking the world by storm. In fact, you no longer have to use fusion surgery as your only method. You’ve now got another way to fight the pain and limitations of your body.

    If you have more questions or want to learn more, please browse our site. It can give you plenty of information. You may also contact us with your comments and questions; we promise to respond quickly!


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