The Premia Spine TOPS System. Filling a Clinical Void in Spine Surgery

Premia Spine is proud to offer TOPS™ System which has taken spine surgery to the next level and achieved life-changing results for patients.

This safe and dynamic alternative to spinal fusion is the ideal option for people who suffer from degenerative spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis worldwide. TOPS™ System has been designed with the well-being of the patient and their future mobility in mind.

TOPS™ System is a dynamic implant that provides stability in the spine without the need to fuse any of the bones together. Spine surgery with the TOPS™ System can help patients experience immediate pain relief following the operation and in some cases, a person can be on their feet and walking within 24 hours. 

In conjunction with a strength and rehabilitation program delivered by a physical therapist, a person can return to their best condition in years, no longer living with the stress of back pain which can hinder a person in many aspects of their life, including; their career, fitness, and social life.

The implant allows patients to walk normally, bend and maintain flexibility, while reducing pain, this is still possible even if a person is suffering from the effects of sciatica. 

Spinal fusion is effective at easing pain levels but the end result is two vertebrae that are fixed together, forming a rigid area of the spine, hampering mobility and flexibility. For example, simple tasks such as bending over to pick something up off the floor may not be possible after the procedure.

Steve Michael De Luca UPMC, TOPS Pivotal Study Investigator, says: “TOPS provides excellent range of motion while maintaining stability, which is very unique to this device. 

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