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    When it comes to spine surgical implants, UK residents have many options. However, the TOPS™ System in the UK is an excellent choice and was designed by Premia Spine. We understand that you’ve got many things to consider if you were recently told you need spine surgery.

    You’re upset, worried, and wondering about ways that you can keep your mobility afterward. With traditional surgical procedures, it’s impossible to bend and move as you normally did before your spine condition.

    Now, though, you can consider TOPS spine implants. UK residents have many options available. The BMI Kings Oak Hospital, Spire Southampton Hospital, Musgrove Park Hospital, and Royal Preston Hospital all have doctors who use the TOPS™ System, UK version.

    Consider contacting those locations specifically to find a doctor who can help with your spine surgical implants. UK residents may also use our website to find a doctor suitable to handle the surgery.

    Questions for Us

    We realize that some people want to learn more about the TOPS™ System. UK residents can browse our site to get information about what it is, how it works, and clinical trials performed. You may also find out more about other products we offer to get updates on when they may be available in your area.

    Currently, we only offer the TOPS™ System UK in the United Kingdom. However, this unique and revolutionary device is better than fusion surgery and can ensure that you keep your mobility and reduce pain.

    Though you should find everything needed to make the right choice for you, we do know that some people want to talk to someone. If that’s the case, please use our contact form below.

    Just input your name and a method of contact (email or phone). Then, add your comments and questions. Please give us as much information as you need so that we may help you. When you are ready, hit send, and we can get in touch. Often, we respond within one to two business days.

    Our Address

    Do you have specific questions about spine implants? UK residents may wish to visit our physical location. If this is something you want, please use our online contact form first. Mention that you prefer an in-person visit and state the reason for it. One of our staff can call or email to schedule a time to talk about the TOPS™ System.

    UK residents should go to:

    Enterprise House 5 Roundwood Lane, Harpenden, Herts AL5 3BW

    However, we always recommend people contact us via the online form. It’s often more convenient and allows you to get answers quickly.

    We know how important it is to find the right spine surgical implants. UK residents now have more options than ever with our TOPS™ System. You’re making the right choice, but it’s essential to choose a doctor who offers this option.

    Our “find a doctor” tab offers all the pertinent information you require. If you have other concerns, please contact us via the online form to learn about the TOPS™ System. UK residents have many opportunities, and we want everyone to be satisfied.