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    Everyone is searching for better spine surgical implants. Israel residents may have heard about the TOPS™ System, which is a highly beneficial device designed by Premia Spine. We saw there was a need for more options than just spinal fusion surgery, so we took the initiative and created the TOPS™ System.

    Residents of Israel can now use this implant device instead of traditional surgical procedures. The benefits are plentiful and include relieving pain immediately and having more range of motion within the spine after the treatment.

    Were you recently told that you require spine surgery to help with spondylolisthesis or spinal stenosis? If so, you might be worried and unsure of what to do now. Though spinal decompression is the first step, you can now use spine implants. People of Israel should research these devices to find out if they are suitable candidates.

    The next step is to find a doctor who can insert the TOPS™ System. Israeli hospitals doing this include Rambam Healthcare Campus, Hillel Yaffe Hospital, Assuta Hospital, Assaf Harofeh Medical Center, and Shaare Zedek Medical Center.

    We recommend that you contact the hospital or medical center directly. Ask for the TOPS™ System and surgeons who can help you. From there, they can get you an appointment and talk to you about the benefits and drawbacks of spine implants. Patients can then schedule a time to have the surgery and go from there.

    Contact Us Directly

    Our website is full of helpful information to get you started on spine implant research. You can learn about the TOPS™ System, how it works, and read about clinical trials performed. This device is available in Israel and is an excellent alternative to fusion surgery and other implants.

    You may also have questions about Nexux™, which is the newest system we offer. Use our website to learn more about it. While the Nexus™ system is available in Israel with a limited release, most patients are going to use the TOPS™ System. Israeli doctors have been using it for longer and know the effects and benefits.

    If you cannot find information about something on the website, please contact us. Our online form makes it convenient and easy. Simply input your name and one or both contact methods (email or phone). You’re not required to leave us a message, but we ask that you do. That way, we know which department to send it to so you get a timely response.

    Regardless, you can give us as much or as little information as you want. We always try to respond within one to two business days. Now, you have a direct route to someone who can talk to you about spine surgical implants. Israeli residents can rest easy and have peace of mind.

    Physical Address

    We know that some people want to know the physical address of the companies they work with. Though we don’t offer in-person appointments, you may write to us if required. Our address is: P.O. Box 8630ת 7 Giborey Israel Street Netanya, Israel 4250407 Please contact us if you’ve got any questions about the TOPS™ System. The people of Israel have many doctors in the country who can perform the surgery.